Are you graduating college, moving away from home, or a working professional relocating from one state to another?
Well, in your scenario, selecting an apartment to rent can be a difficult choice to make.
There are multiple factors that you need to take into consideration before making the final call.
You might even have to prepare a list of the questions to ask before renting an apartment so you make a firm decision.
There might be 100 questions to ask when renting an apartment that you perhaps come up with.
However, before listing these questions down, make sure that you first evaluate critical factors that may affect your future living and peace.These could include transportation, community, environment, amenities, and much more.
While choosing a place to rent may seem difficult, it is also an exciting experience.
To make your decision of renting an apartment more exciting and less difficult, we will list some of the common questions to ask when renting an apartment to help you out with the process.


Moving is certainly a big decision, and like all other big decisions, this should also be very well thought out.
Therefore, while you are looking for a new place to rent, you must prepare questions to ask when renting an apartment. This would include all those concerns that you feel are important to you and your new living space.
Now, since questions are subjective, they can be different for everyone. Make sure you’re very well versed with what elements are important to you.
Not only would this help you narrow down your options to the most suitable one, but it will also help you choose a place precisely according to your needs.
Before we move on to the important questions, we suggest that you first choose the kind of apartment you wish to rent. How to go about this? Well, take your living requirements and lifestyle into consideration.
For example, if you are a student, you probably would prefer a modest studio apartment with less rent and one which is ideally close to your school instead of a 2–3-bedroom apartment, unless you are sharing with roommates.
So, make the decision based on your lifestyle and preferences.
Once you have decided on the kind of apartment and the location according to your living and requirements, you can draft the questions you need to ask when renting an apartment.
Here is a common list of questions to ask when renting an apartment that we have prepared for you.


This is one of the most important questions to ask before you seal the deal. Particularly because this allows for full disclosure amongst the two parties regarding moving in and other obligations.
This also will help you be aware of any fees the building might have as some buildings do require a move-in deposit, or only allow move-ins on certain days of the week.
This also includes the amount of security deposit, amount of rent, late fees for late rent, the notice period before moving out,and other obligations.
This can be subjective to different landlords which is why we find this question a very important one to ask.
Some landlords may not like their walls to be painted or a change in decor (in case you’re renting a furnished apartment.)
Moreover, some landlords may prefer rent to be paid in cash while others may follow different payment methods. Asking such questions can clear out any potential disagreements which may arise in the future.


This question is particularly important for students and employed professionals as having commute options nearby can make living much more convenient.
This can include different types of commute options such as train, bus, metro, or available parking garages.
Not having to walk long distances to find a commute or having options nearby at times can make life easier.
Besides convenience, it can also help save time, energy, and money. Especially if you have to switch between different types of commute to get to your destination.


If you are a student, this very well might be one of the most important questions to ask when renting an apartment, even post-college, or for any young professional or individual on a budget.
Landlords are legally allowed to increase rent annually. The percentage of the increment can depend upon different factors such as inflation or the demand/supply gap.
So, it is always better that you are transparent with your landlord or the landlord’s agent when discussing the rent amount after the initial lease.
This way, you can make a wiser decision according to your budget and future financial obligations.


Managing rent, as well as other monthly finances, can be hard sometimes. Some landlords understand this and can offer a delay in rental payments up to a few days.
Some might allow a week and some might charge extra on late payments. This depends upon each landlord.
It is better to ask this in advance just to be safe especially if you have questions to ask when renting an apartment in New Jersey since you do not want to get stuck with any large fees.
(To note: It is the best policy to always be communicative with your landlord if you are experiencing financial hardships. You will still need to pay rent, but they might be able to offer a bit of flexibility, so you do not incur fees.)


Maybe you’re the kind of person who is very serious about their fitness. In that case, a good fitness center in close vicinity to your apartment could be your priority.
Or maybe you are the kind of person who likes to enjoy coffee and do office work in a cafe. Or maybe you like parks and open recreational centers.
Either way, you may have some priorities when it comes to amenities, be it a gym or a restaurant, a library, or a mall.
If your building does not have amenities, proximity to these places is a good question to ask when renting an apartment that adds convenience and excitement to your decision of choosing an apartment.


This is an important question to ask when renting a house for the first time, especially when you are renting a place in a different city that you know nothing about.
Since one can not foresee trouble or know when an emergency may occur, it is only imperative that you are well aware of the different emergency services near your apartment.


Usually, landlords do not mind if your guests come over and stay as long as they happen to stay and not exploit the property or agreement.
When a rental agreement is made, the landlord and tenant(s) both mutually agree on the number of individuals that reside in the apartment. The rent is adjusted likewise.
So if your guests come to visit and stay for a few days, your landlord would probably have no issues.
Just make sure they don’t overstay which is why we suggest you make this a part of the questions you need to ask when renting an apartment.
By doing so, you will have a fair idea of what your landlord’s guest policy is. This can be subjective from one landlord to another.


The last thing you want after renting an apartment is to find that the gas connection does not work or the pipes are broken.
So, amongst other key questions to ask when renting an apartment, one is asking what the repair and maintenance policy is.
Any damage inflicted to the property during your stay is deducted from the security you deposited initially – besides normal wear and tear.
However, any existing damage that you may discover later while moving in will most likely be repaired by the landlord. This Is why a move-in inspection is very important!
Most landlords do not charge maintenance bills to tenants and take care of them themselves.
But just to be sure, do discuss repair and maintenance policy with your landlord so you do not end up paying for something that you did not do.


It is a possibility that you may have agreed to rent an apartment for a year; however, just a few months into the apartment, your company decides to relocate you to a different city, or something happens that you need to terminate the lease.
What happens to the agreement then? Do you get your security back? What about the advance rent? This is amongst common questions to ask when renting an apartment.
Some landlords may withhold your security deposit; some may be kind enough to just require early notice without penalizing you.
Either way, it is better to convey the nature of your work to your landlord. By doing so, you can come to a flexible agreement and make a wiser decision in selecting the apartment as well as the landlord.
There’s no doubt that moving into a new apartment is a big and difficult decision to make.
Keeping in mind these important questions, we are sure you will be able to narrow down your options to the one that fits your requirements. Happy searching!
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