Every tenant has the right to live in “quiet-enjoyment” as per most leases state, but especially if you are sensitive to noise and prefer living in peaceful surroundings. 

If you are looking for quiet apartments to live in, you should be aware of all the factors that contribute to creating noise and disturbing the peace of the surroundings. 

By doing so, you would be well aware of what to look for and avoid in the future when selecting an apartment for yourself.
Although no apartment is soundproof, but here are some tips that will surely improve your chances of finding quiet apartments to live in.


When we talk about factors leading to noisy apartments, we should keep in mind both the internal and external aspects of it. 

First, let us have a look at the external factors which include all the sources outside of the apartment building that contribute towards creating unnecessary noise. For instance,
Having read all of these points, you now know what to keep in mind when you’re out looking for quiet apartments for rent.


In addition to external factors, there are some internal factors also involved that contribute towards creating nuisance or unnecessary noise. 

This is the noise that originates from within the building premises. An instance of such a scenario could include noise coming from your neighbor’s apartment.
Here are more details on how you can better understand internal factors that help create noise.
Majority of these factors can be mitigated if the apartment building is built using certain materials, while that is impossible to control.

You can help to soundproof and improve on noise within your apartment by the way you decorate. 
So, if your focus is finding a quiet apartment then make sure to do your due diligence while on the search. 

Be aware of the building’s noise level when you view, and if you can, try to view after work hours to witness the maximum noise level.
Having discussed the internal factors which you should keep in mind, let us dive into the external factors so you can be uber aware of what to look out for your next rental lease.


If you choose an apartment located on a main strip of road, or in the vicinity of more bustling streets, then you will most likely experience blaring horns and noise from buses, motorbikes, cars, and pedestrians. 

Deciding to live in such an area most likely means bidding farewell to a somewhat quiet apartment, but in exchange you have close proximity to restaurants, shops, and other services. 

If you want to live in a more bustling area you can focus on apartments that are located in the back of the building, rather than in the front close to the main drag.


If you are currently looking for an apartment, besides looking out for busy streets, make sure you also evaluate the traffic situation. 

If you currently live surrounded by heavy traffic, or near a hospital, police station, or fire station, and this bothers you, you will benefit from moving further away from these locations.
Although hospitals and other health and medical outlets are extremely necessary and can be convenient in times of despair, living next to them could disturb your peace and quiet a great deal. 

Living in the vicinity of where there is a hospital nearby means hearing the ambulance sirens every now and then. 

If you know you do not want to live near these locations, map out the apartments prior to going so you do not waste time on places that will bother you later.


The incessant early-morning drilling, the noise of building materials dropping from cranes, or the sound of powerful machinery operating all day long. 

If this sounds like this would be bothersome to you, then you would definitely want to reconsider renting near a construction site. Especially, if you are working from home, or taking classes from home, and your concentration might be hindered.

If yes, then take this factor into consideration when you head out to search an apartment for yourself or your family. 

Make sure that while you’re out exploring, you look around for construction sites and ask the neighbors as well if they experience any nuisance caused due to construction of any sort. 

If you’re an individual who values and needs quiet hours in your apartment, then you must be aware of such factors.

Many cities across the US have stringent laws and regulations which favor residents and help curb the nuisance spread in terms of noise from nearby construction sites. 

There are designated time slots followed most often for when to start and end construction activity on any given day.


When considering an apartment near transportation hubs including airports, railroad tracks, bus stops and more, you should be aware if the proximity would distort your peace. 

If you happen to live near any such transportation hub, you could be frustrated due to excessive noise pollution, or be grateful you are close to getting around most places. 

But, imagine you reach home after a tiring day at work only to know that it is the peak hour for flights to either arrive or depart. 


Never forget to check for noisy next-door neighbors. Ideally, your neighbors are sympathetic and welcoming towards your concerns to maintain a peaceful and quiet environment. 

When you visit your next tentative apartment, try to assess how the neighbors are and if it would be ideal if you could exchange greetings to develop a brief understanding of their living style. 

If you cannot meet them make sure to get their contact information later to let them know if they are being too loud. 

Always try to approach peacefully as to not create a hostile living environment. If their noise continues, notify the Landlord before getting into a bigger confrontation


In addition to all the factors discussed, you can also find out what the building policy is regarding tolerating noise. 

Try and inspect if there have been complaints in the past regarding noise from a certain apartment or a floor. 

If you find out multiple instances of such complaints, then that apartment is not the right choice for you.

As a prospective tenant, an individual must always mitigate risks that could hamper their well-being before renting an apartment. 

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