If you are on the lookout for an apartment, you are likely to come across a wide range of complexes. 

In your search for an accommodation, you will realize that apartment buildings are spread over a broad spectrum, with substantial differences among them, ranging from massive high rises to merely three to four units.

 In your hunt, among the other types, you will find garden style apartments which tend to have some distinctive features.

So, what exactly are garden style apartments?

To make it simpler, the definition varies based on the location and the type of the apartment. 

As the name suggests, a garden style apartment refers to a building complex with access to an outdoor space. 

Typically characterized as low rise, comprising of around three to five stories, they are generally spread over a significant area of land with elements of trees, gardens or shrubs surrounding the region.

In this more commonly used definition for garden apartments; they have a direct access to green spaces such as lawns and/or gardens. 

While ground floor apartments might have patios or backyards, there is some element of outdoor access on the subsequent floors, usually in the form of balconies or private decks, or even the more contemporary interior courtyards.

Keep in mind that the area occupied by the garden does not necessarily have to be massive. 

It can be as small with only a patch of grass, to fit a sitting for two people to rejuvenate in the fresh air after an exhausting day, or spacious enough to cater to a full-fledged party.

 Nonetheless, the presence of a personal outer fresh space is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy.

Sometimes, a residential unit located on the ground floor, with direct access to an outdoor space, be it a garden, a courtyard or a patio, usually on the same or a slightly lower road level is also referred to as a garden style apartment. 

In such cases, only the unit situated on the street level, with any sort of greenery, be it trees, planters or shrubbery is called a ‘Garden Apartment’. 

These are more ubiquitously found in densely populated cities.

In the present day, in urbanized and densely populated cities, most residential apartments that you come across are likely to be compact high-rise structures, only to find very few garden complexes. 

These relatively close to nature lodgings tend to be commonly found in the suburban and rural areas, on the outskirts of the city due to the ample open spaces.

As we’ve discussed above, there are a multitude of apartments that are built to accommodate the large population. 

As opposed to high rise buildings which are multi story apartments, comprising of nine or more floors, facilitated by elevators, midrise buildings have eight or lesser floors, and are typically located in densely populated, urban areas. 

Garden style apartments, on the other hand, can be characterized as midrise, but they have around two to four floors, and may not necessarily have elevators, but rather an outdoor pathway of stairs, providing direct access to the apartments on the upper floors. 

Contrary to the typical mid-rise and high-rise buildings, these garden-like settings are predominantly found in suburban and rural areas, far from the central areas of the city.

Before you take the ultimate decision of moving into a new apartment, it is crucial to be aware of all aspects to make an informed decision. 

In a nutshell, garden style apartments can serve as a perfect option for people who would be willing to reside at a distance from the center of the city to enjoy a personal outdoor space.

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