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The aim of Ridgeview Property Group is to manage a comfortable and affordable living space equipped with contemporary amenities. We provide newly constructed apartments at competitive market rates for our clients.
Exploring our property and apartment rentals across the eastern seaboard, with a focus in Newark, New Jersey, you will come across awesome apartments developed and owned by Ridgeview Property Group that aims to satisfy our client’s needs.
Since home-hunting can be a stressful and strenuous process, Ridgeview Property Group wants to help alleviate the stress and provide you with a seamless leasing process and a positive property management experience.
At Ridgeview Property Group, we have great expertise in managing and leasing quality properties. Our team works to ensure that our units and buildings are kept at a high standard of living for our tenants and any issues that may arise are handled immediately. Our primary aim is to provide communities with reasonable yet contemporary living spaces and make luxury accessible for all.
With our support services and flexible leasing plans, we believe we can help our clients with their unique property needs and help to make it a reality. At Ridgeview Property Group, we want to take care of all our stakeholders by developing ground-breaking solutions to their housing challenges and boost our reputation not only in the market we operate in, but throughout the community.
If you are looking for luxury with affordability and leasing plans suiting your needs, then wait no longer and contact us today!


We believe in bringing our best self to work every day, and we strive for innovative solutions to apply where need be.


Our years of experience across all phases of the construction process provide an ultimate, well-rounded perspective.


We put a lot of care and effort into our relationships as this helps to promote a streamlined and successful completion of your project.
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